Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Meet the Puppies!

While the intention of this blog is to share information about my writing journey,

I also love to talk about my puppies.  I thought I'd share a photo of each of my dogs to get it out of my system ;-)

First up are Romeo (also known as 'buddyman') and Julietta (AKA 'peanut').  R & J are Italian Greyhounds who spent the first 7 years of their life in a puppy mill.  Things were Really Bad for them.  They were rescued by the angels at Eve's Sanctuary Animal Rescue of Harlem, NY, and my then-fiancee/now husband and I adopted them in August of 2011- just two months before we got married!  We had NO IDEA what we were getting into... but our lives haven't been the same since, and I wouldn't change a thing.  R & J celebrated their 9th birthday in January by eating doggie ice cream and playing in their large, fenced yard!

Julietta (we also call her 'the Boss'! Such a diva.)

And now, let's talk about retired racing greyhounds!

While in the midst of adopting Romeo and Julietta, I was also bitten by the I-need-a-retired-racing-greyhound bug.  I read books about them.  I dragged my husband to local greyhound meet & greets.  I have always wanted to help as many dogs as we are financially (and time-wise) able to, and my very first dog, Lady, taught me to think adoption first.  Almost a year after adopting Romeo and Julietta, this time on the same weekend we moved into our first house, my husband and I adopted...

Khaleesi, an 8-year-old retired racer who loves her little Iggie (Italian Greyhound) siblings!

And then, just three months later, after deciding Khaleesi needed a friend...

Grimm came into our lives!  This big guy weighs over 80lbs. and is a total momma's boy.  He has SO MANY FEELS and loves hugs.

Thanks for reading about our happy family!