Thursday, August 1, 2013

WIPMarathon Intro

Hey everyone!

I'm so excited to be participating in the WIP Marathon happening on blogs/Twitter this month!  I know some of the other participants already, and they are wonderful writers-- in other words, I know I'm in great company!  August where I live is so hot and sticky, it's the perfect time to hide inside and get my lovely little WIP ready for my agent's eyes. :)

Marathon Goal:

Write the remaining chapters of my YA historical fantasy novel- nicknamed "Fear" for short- and make sure everything is as polished as can be before I send it to Christa!

Stage of Writing:

Writing the last 6 chapters from a detailed outline, plus start revising with CP and Beta feedback!  This book is first person POV, and I got a little-- okay, maybe more than a little-- filter-happy while writing! (I felt/I saw/I heard- ugh!)  They've all gotta go!!

What Inspired My Current Project:  

Fear the Drowning Deep is a YA historical fantasy novel that takes place at the turn of the last century- the year 1913, just after the first anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. 

This book started out with just my love of the ocean.  I looked at my husband one day and said, "I want to write something about the water!  And sea monsters!"  I sat down at my keyboard, and wrote the opening line that inspired the rest of the story.  The book's setting is the Isle of Man, which is a fascinating place steeped in folklore and tradition.  I've never been there, so this required a great deal of research, but I've been having a blast with it. 

My MC is terrified of the water, despite living on an island, and I understand where she's coming from- to an extent ;)  I hate how I can't see what's around me when I'm swimming in the Atlantic (will never forget the time a large crab got hold of my big toe...ouch!) and much prefer the crystal-clear waters in the Caribbean, where my family and I have traveled extensively!

What Might Slow Down My Marathon Goal:

Instead of words, how about a picture? ;)

 Enough said!  Happy writing, friends!