Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer Critique Giveaway for Query Kombat!

Hi all!

After talking this morning with some Query Kombat participants who don't think they'll be moving on to the next round, I started thinking of how dejected I've felt at different points in my writing career. And of course, about what (and who!) helped me overcome those moments.

By far, what helped me most was receiving critiques from more experienced, more established authors. Even if the feedback stung, once it really sunk in, I'd go back to their critiques and feel like I actually had the knowledge and tools to make a much better story.

And while having a good query letter is important, most agents always look at sample pages. I mean, if you have a great query but the writing's not quite there, you might wind up with a pass from an agent you really wanted to work with.

So, that's why I've decided to set up a quick critique giveaway! Here's the rundown.

Who Can Enter:

Anyone who was knocked out of Query Kombat, round 1 or who didn't make it into round 1. (Honor system is in place here, people!)

What I'm Giving Away:

One* person will receive a critique of the first 10 pages of their Query Kombat manuscript from me! 

Please note: I'm always kind, never hurtful with feedback, but I'll also be honest. So make sure you want to hear the tough stuff if you enter the giveaway!

*If there are a considerable amount of entries, I'll do a second 10-page critique giveaway!

**Also note: Picture book authors are welcome to enter, and if a PB author wins, he or she can submit their full PB text for critique!

How to Enter:

Use the handy Rafflecopter below :) I'll leave it open through Tuesday. And good luck!

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